Lionfish, Scorpionfish (Scorpaenidae)

Lionfish And Scorpionfish Family Characteristics:

The Lionfish And Scorpionfish are often considered the exotic villains of the aquarium. They are predatory carnivores that glide up to their prey and engulf it with their large mouths. The highly ornamental fins are not just there for decoration either, they have venomous stinging cells and will inflict a very painful wound on people as well as other predators, handle these fish with care. If you are stung, bathing the affected area in very hot water will alleviate the pain and help to coagulate the poison.

Diet And Feeding:

Lionfish and Scorpionfish will very often only take live foods in the initial stages of captivity, usually guppies or mollies. With a little patience, nearly every specimen can be weaned onto a diet of dead fish and other meaty frozen foods. The ethics of feeding live fish to your pet is something you should be sure you are comfortable with previous to acquiring one of these fish.

Aquarium Behavior:

Members of the Scorpaenidae family are usually peaceful in captivity, but if you keep them with fishes small enough to fit in their mouth that's exactly where they will end up. Lionfish need plenty of room in which to maneuver and swim as their spines stick out pretty far.

List Of Popular Aquarium Lionfish And Scorpionfish:

  • Turkeyfish, Short Finned Lionfish, Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish (Dendrochirus brachypterus)
  • Scorpionfish, Spotfin Lionfish, Antennata Lionfish (Pterois antennata)
  • White Fin Lionfish, Tail Bar Lionfish, Radiata Lionfish (Pterois radiata)
  • Volitan Lionfish, Scorpionfish (Pterois volitans)
  • Orangebanded Stingfish (Choridactylus multibarbus)
  • Sailfin/Rogue Scorpion (Amblyapistus taenionotus)
  • Leaf Fish (Taenianotus triacanthus)
  • Dwarf Zebra Lionfish (Dendrochirus zebra)
  • Russell's Lionfish (Pterois russelli)
  • Mombasa Lionfish (Pterois mombasae)


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