Saint Louis Aquariums Buys Unwanted
Saltwater or Freshwater Aquariums

Saint Louis Aquariums will buy any aquarium system in Saint Louis and the surrounding areas, including both Freshwater and Saltwater systems. Many people find themselves in the aquarium hobby when they no longer have the desire, time, or energy to keep up with it anymore.

I know when you decide to get out of the aquarium keeping hobby that your fish tank can feel like a Volkswagen in your living that you just can't get rid of and can't take care of, this leads to neglected and failing systems with dying fish and invertebrates. I have all the necessary supplies and equipment needed and will remove your livestock, water, and equipment in a manor that is safe for both your home and your fish. I will either house all your fish and other creatures in our own aquariums or find them suitable happy homes.

While fish tank equipment degrades quickly over time in both quality and value we do offer some compensation for your aquariums to help cover the high expense of what you may have paid for it.

  • Prices Quotes Are Subject To Possible Significant Change Based On Exact Systems.

    Please Email For Exact Quote, Include An Itemized List Of All Included With As Specific Information As Possible To Get The Best Possible Quote.

    Typical Prices:
  • $1.00 Per Gallon For Freshwater Fish Tanks
  • $2.00 Per Gallon For Planted Freshwater Tanks
  • or $3.00 Per Gallon For Saltwater.


Sell Your Full Aquariums In Saint Louis