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"About Us" is really an honorary page description as this Saint Louis Aquarium Keeping website is primarily designed, coded, updated, and maintained by just one person and that person is me. My name is Kyle I am 33 years old, I live in Saint Louis, Missouri and I have had a life long passion for the aquarium hobby.

I started maintaining aquariums when I was a small child with my first goldfish tank and have almost always had some sort of aquarium ever since then. My aquarium keeping seemed to follow the standard progression from goldfish, to fish only fresh water tanks, then to more region dedicated and planted freshwater tanks, followed by saltwater fish only, predator, and then more advanced reef tanks.

Before deciding to create this site and start doing aquarium maintenance services here in Saint Louis I was in a place in my life in which I didn't have any aquariums at all for quite some time. Not because of lack of interest but simply because I was moving a lot and in a bit of turmoil and I simply didn't have the stability that would allow for such an immobile hobby that requires such regular and important attention.

I have many years of experience in the aquarium hobby but at the start of this site I had no aquariums in my home at all, and I decided to jump back into the hobby with both feet and create a website as well as an aquarium service business all at the same time as starting up a reef tank again.

This Saint Louis Aquarium Keeper site has two goals; the first is to provide as many articles and information concerning all aspects of the aquarium hobby that can help both beginners and the experienced alike and the second is to alert the public in the Saint Louis area that may be interested in my maintenance and other aquarium services.

Please check back regularly as this site will be growing with more intersting and helpful information.

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