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The Terms Of This Privacy Policy Describes Our Commitment To Your Privacy. 

Saint Louis Aquariums does not condone improper use of your private information. We will not sell, rent, or disclose your personally identifiable information to any third parties. Your information will only be disclosed to any other business or affiliate partners when it is required to conduct a service requested by you.


This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which The Aquarium Keeper collects, uses, maintains, and discloses information collected from users of this Web site.

Any use of this site is acceptance of the privacy terms of this policy if you do not accept these terms you are fraudulently using this web site.

Users privacy is very important to us, we are committed to safeguarding your information. Users subscribe to mailing lists by clicking on a checkbox in a form or by filling out an opt-in box will always have the right to opt-in or opt-out at any time.

Who This Privacy Policy Applies To

A visitor to the site is described as any user who enters this site legally whether intentionally or unintentionally, solicited or unsolicited. This Privacy Policy covers absolutely all visitors of this web site, including any user who is a subscriber through an opt-in box, fills out any form found within this site, or purchases a product. This Privacy Policy also applies to any and all affiliates and link partners using this site.

What Information Is Collected

This web site regularly collects statistical or personal information about its visitors, subscribers, and customers. NO FINANCIAL INFORMATION IS SAVED OR COLLECTED IN ANY WAY. In any unforeseen event that financial information such as credit card or bank information is made known to the web site, that information is discarded as soon as it is no longer needed and never shared with any third party.

How The Information We Collect Is Gathered

This information may or may not be obtained through any of the following methods: Subscribing or registering through opt-in boxes, Customers who order online, visitor or customer emails, statistical interaction with certain aspects of the site, surveys, cookies, and any other possible method of gaining statistical information.

How That Information May Be Used

While it is likely that the information will be used very conservatively for site statistics and further discarded it may or may not also be used for commercial purposes. The possible type of shared information may include your name, address, phone number, email address and buying habits, as well as other information. This information may be used for general commercial solicitation by this web site or its affiliates only. 

Commercial Email From This Web site 

By providing to this web site with communication information such as an email address, you waive all rights to file complaints concerning unsolicited email or spam from this web site since, by providing such information, you agree to receive communication from us or other marketing organizations. However, all email communications can be responded to with an 'unsubscribe' subject and your name will be removed from any mailing list. 

Data And Information Security

This web site takes measures to protect its data that contains information related to you. However, as a consideration for viewing this site or interacting with this site in any manner, you waive any claim against this site concerning the loss, alteration, or misuse of information.

Questions Or Comments

Users may direct questions or comments concerning this Privacy Policy by email to .

Latest Update And Changes 

This Privacy Policy was last updated on: June, 24th 2011.

This Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time without notice. If and when this policy does change there will be no notice, by using this site you agree to check the policy for changes upon every visit.


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