Enhance Your Tank Decor With A Theme

Finding Great Themed Aquarium Decor For Little Money!

Even if you have never yourself owned an aquarium, you have likely seen the endless array of ornaments, fake plants and novelty decorations that can be purchased for a fish tank. If you are thinking of setting up your own aquarium it is far better to have an idea of what decor you want before you set it up.

Could you run to the pet store and buy the first set of bubbling castles, fake plants, and floating scuba divers you see, well of coarse you could. You will get much better results if you put forethought into exactly what you want your own fish tank to look like rather than getting everything on a whim.

When planning an aquarium you should be able to see the end result that you want in your mind. If this stresses you out don't worry, you don't have to be exact just have a good idea. Aquariums are almost like living art work, don't be afraid to express your creativity.

Start by planning a theme for the tank you want to set up. How much room is going to be in the tank? Do I want a very natural look with rocks, driftwood, and plants? Do I want alot of open water or a very filled space? What kind of gravel, sand, or substrate do I want on the bottom? You can even pick humorous or interesting themes such as all asian style decorations or shipwrecks.

Take into consideration the type of animals you want to live there. Some livestock needs specific temperatures or water parameters whereas others aren't as finicky. Some animals need a sandy bottom for digging, or a large number of caves or hiding places. Filling your animals natural needs will reduce aggression in your tank and lower disease in the long term.

Tank decorations don't have to be expensive by any means either, household or wooded items you find are very often safe for your aquarium. Any ceramic item you have around or at a craft store such as ornaments or ceramic pots is safe. Be very careful with painted objects as many types of paint are toxic.

If you find rocks or old wood outside they are safe as well but will need to be properly treated before adding them to your aquarium. The best treatment is boiling it for a long while, this removes any bacteria as well as tannins from the wood. Rocks or river stones can be cleaned the same way. Be sure not to use any traditional household cleaners on anything that is going into your aquarium as this can be toxic.

Any cleaned glass can also make an interesting addition to your fish tank. Wine or liquor bottles look right at home half buried within the substrate. Be sure to wash and rinse with soap free very hot water to kill any germs and to remove the label from the bottle.

There are many kinds of substrate that can be added to the bottom of the tank. You will find these variations of gravel or sand to be quite expensive at your local fish shop but the same thing can be found for a fraction of the price at a local builders yard or hardware store. Driveway gravel comes in the same grades as aquarium gravel and is much cheaper. No matter what gravel you buy make sure you rinse it very very well before adding it to your tank to avoid a dust cloud.

The possibilities are endless, anything you can come up with you can create.