Endless Fish Tank Design Possibilities

Today's fish tank designs bring imagination to life.

Todays fish tank designs have the potential to bring life to imagination. There are so many different designs available today that it is possible that not only the contents of the aquarium will be capable of causing wonder but even the design and construction of the fish tank itself will bring amazement to the viewer. But there are drawbacks involved in choosing an unusual style of aquarium over the far more popular standard aquarium and these should also be taken into consideration.

Even though the options are vast when choosing what aquarium to purchase for your needs and the desire to choose an elaborate or extravagant style or shape aquarium could be very tempting, there are many advantages to the traditional rectangle style that is by far the most common. There are many downfalls that accompany the choice to get an aquarium that has a more exciting construction.

You can get tanks in hexagons, pentagons, squares, or circles. They come with curved fronts or wavy ones that can be quite interesting to look at but one also must keep in mind that the curved front of a bow front, or wave front tank can have issues with both reflectivity of the light behind it as well as a warping effect that can distort the contents of the tank, this irritating effect will last much longer than the allure of the interesting shape of the tank itself.

There are tall aquariums and short aquariums, the tall ones are at a slight disadvantage do to that all oxygen to carbon dioxide gas exchange must take place at the waters surface and the square inch of water surface to gallon ratio is not as good in a tall aquarium as in a shorter wider fish tank, but both options are still widely available.

Another large problem with unusually shaped tanks is equipment. Since the standard rectangle is the most popular style and shape of aquarium almost all available equipment is designed for that style tank. If the area you intend to install an overflow either internal or external, or hang a filter is either curved, or simply not wide enough for the piece of equipment in question obviously it wont work. These things and others should definitely be taken into consideration before purchasing a round or hexagon style tank because there is really no place to fit normal filtration equipment.

While it is nice to have a beautiful unique looking aquarium, it is unwise to go to the store and just purchase what ever looks the best to you without putting any real consideration into how the thing is going to function in your home. Hopefully this short article has hinted to you to consider all aspects of how the aquarium is going to fit into your life before jumping in with both feet.