The Endless Possibilities Of Custom Acrylic Design

Have you ever looked into a fish tank and had your imagination spark like a light, what if the fish tank was a light, did you know that custom acrylic companies can make fish tanks that look just like a light bulb. What about the back of your toilet bowl or sink in a resort restroom. Maybe this has you reminiscing about the good old days back in the sixties when they put the goldfish in high heel shoes at discos. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

There are many aquarium variations but the most common ones come in either glass or acrylic. Glass and acrylic aquariums come with many standard shapes and sizes with curved or flat fronts, different lengths, heights, and depths. Acrylic however, is extremely pliable when heated properly and can be bent in any direction and made into any shape, the possibilities are endless. They can build them into hexagons, pentagons, cylinders, tubes, wave fronts, concave, convex, many more typical variations. You could even make a plastic representation of you or just your head to have your little beta fish swim in, a little creepy but definitely unique and definitely possible. There are of coarse unusual glass variations that are available or that can be made some of which are very interesting, but acrylic really lets you go crazy.

If you look on the internet you can find a large number of custom acrylic designers and fabricators that can create more possibilities than you could dream of, just let them know your dreams and they can make your dreams come true, for a price of coarse.

Acrylic is used on all the large commercial tanks. If you go to Seaworld or one of thousands of public aquariums worldwide they have custom tanks built to hold their reefs, dolphins, sharks, and rays that must be custom made from acrylic cause glass would have to be much to thick to be strong enough.

One of the unique strengths of acrylic is that it can be bent as one piece creating a uni-body tank that is amazingly strong and with no seams is almost impervious to leaks, these tanks can also have bent over lips on the top adding even more strength and protecting against splashing.

The examples are limitless; fish tank arches over doorways, bars that are fish tanks, toilets that are fish tanks, coffee tables that are fish tanks many of these ideas could help bring customers into a business or really jazz up a home or office. These types of ideas are very common in very prestigious restaurants and bars or at resorts worldwide where captivating their customers is their main business, wouldn't it be wondrous though to have this same unique experience at home or in your office.