How to Choose The Right Reptile Terrarium

Creating A Good Reptile Terrarium Setup.

Deciding to keep a lizard terrarium or a terrarium for any other reptile species is generally a much simpler decision than caring for aquatic life. They make aquariums that are referred to in their advertising and marketing as “terrariums” these are slightly thinner, and may not be sealed sufficiently to hold water, these adjustments make a terrarium cheaper than an aquarium. However these restraints make it impossible to later change a terrarium into an aquarium whereas changing an aquarium into a terrarium is as easy as cleaning it out.

Both acrylic and glass are perfectly suitable for a reptile terrarium. Generally the only requirement necessary is that it be completely sealed, reptiles are very crafty at escaping through even the smallest of openings, even smaller than their bodies seem to be. A snake can slither through a hole smaller than a dime in many cases, and many lizards can jump relatively high or even climb the glass. The terrarium should include a lid or lids that completely seal off the top of the tank. The tank should not be kept in a window as this could be unpleasant, reptiles being cold blooded need to use the temperature of their surroundings in order to regulate their internal body temperature there for they're terrarium should be equipped with a warm spot such as a heat rock or heating lamp, as well as a cooling area that is shaded where they can lower their body temperature if needed.

Keeping reptiles is not necessarily less complicated than keeping aquatic life, however the selection of the terrarium and its placement requires less consideration most glass or plastic tanks will do as long as it is big enough for the creature to have sufficient space to grow into.