Trapping Peppermint Shrimp In Your Display

Peppermint shrimp are an interesting, safe, and inexpensive addition to the saltwater aquarium system. Often people will add many peppermint shrimp to a tank to attempt aiptasia removal and then wish to remove them after the anemone problem is under control or if the shrimp don't work. Whatever your reason for wishing to remove your shrimp from your tank you will need a cleaver method of removal if you wish to have any hope in getting them out of the display tank. (This method works well on small fish or crabs as well as shrimp).

Here is a simple to make and cheap trap anybody can build at home:

  1. Get yourself a large water bottle, a 2 liter soda bottle works perfectly provided there is room for it in your tank.

  2. Cut off the top one third of the bottle and invert it back into the bottom two thirds.

  3. If the trap doesn't stay securely together on its own, use Superglue gel or hot glue to secure the top have inside the bottom half.

  4. Remove most of the air by filling the bottle trap with tank water, also add some small rocks into the trap to help keep the trap from floating.
  5. DIY Fish Trap Close-up

  6. When you place the trap into the tank, try placing it as close to where the creature you are trying to catch hangs out as possible.

  7. Bait the trap with a heavier piece of food such as fish chunks or freeze dried krill. (Brine shrimp or mysis shrimp tend to just float out of the bottle)

  8. 7. Place the trap into the tank after the lights are out and check it every 30 minutes to an hour until you have caught your victim.
  9. DIY Trap