Basic Aquarium Equipment, What You Need.

Caring for fish requires a decent amount of equipment and sometimes large amount of equipment depending on the particular Aquarium setup you are interested in having. Regardless of what kind of tank you intend to have there are certain basic supplies that are absolutely necessary to keeping your fish happy and healthy.

Basic Aquarium Equipment You Need:

  • An Aquarium Of The Proper Size
  • An Air Or Water Circulation Pump
  • Proper Filtration System
  • Gravel Or Other Substrate
  • Water Heater
  • Aquarium Lighting

The first thing you must decide is exactly what size, shape, and material aquarium to purchase. Smaller is obviously less expensive but be careful not to overcrowd a small tank, a common estimate is about 1 inch of fish per gallon. A larger tank will also require a dedicated stand which while being more expensive adds to the overall appeal of the tank.

Choosing unusual shaped or styled aquariums is strictly a personal preference. The creative shapes can give good visual appeal but most often cost more and occasionally inhibit the use of certain equipment you might want in the future.

Next you will need some sort of water or air pump. Fish need good oxygen and this is created by motion within the water. A simply air pump blowing tiny bubbles is sufficient for fish only tanks but other more particular species may need the added circulation from a more powerful pump.

An aquarium heater is of the utmost importance. If you intend to keep any fish or invertebrates that live in a tropical environment your aquarium needs to be kept at a temperature between 74 - 80 degrees.

Filtration is essential to keep the water clean. The methods of biological and mechanical filtration are endless but trickle filters that hang on the tanks back are sufficient for most setups, if you want a little more filtration there are endless options including canister filters.

Substrate actually isn't a necessity, however it does add extra biological filtration as well as a much more pleasing view than a plain glass bottom. For the fish only freshwater aquarium any type of clean gravel that you find most aesthetically pleasing is sufficient.

If you intent to keep fish only, lighting is also not a necessity, but you will probably find you want it. Simple basic florescent lights are more than enough if fish are your only interest. If you intend to keep plants or corals or any other photosynthetic animal you will need much more high quality intense lighting that such as T5 lights or metal halides which will run a very high price.

This is by no means an exhausted list. There are countless supplies and methods aquarists use to test, filter, and otherwise properly care for there aquatic life. Particularly if you intent to house some of the more difficult species you find in saltwater or planted aquariums. Please research each animal before you get it to ensure it gets the care it needs.